Jun 7, 2010

Spread Your Wings And Fly

Our crow family has been preparing for the big day when the fledglings are ready to leave the nest.  Momma has been very busy feeding her little ones (three of them, to be exact), who get to be almost as big as she is when the time comes for the leap towards nearby branches.

Earlier this spring, we noticed the adult pair building a nest atop our towering pine tree.  It only took them days to create the monstrous home where the female would stay until her babies were fully grown.  Even through the ice and snow of early May, she stayed with the tiny nestlings, keeping them warm and relying on Dad for feedings and guarding the area around them.

I spent much of a last Wednesday watching the eldest of the three take his first step out of the nest, toward full independence.  The two younger birds would follow suit days later.

 A little encouragement from Momma made it easier to step out.

Trying out his wings, he was still gripping the branch tightly.

Of course every neighbourhood has a curious onlooker...

 He clumsily tumbled down onto the lower branches of the pine tree,
and then to the ground.  A little dazed and confused but unharmed, he looked for 
a way back up to where his mother was perched, calling him ever so patiently.

His siblings looked on, getting ready to start their journey too...

His mother never left him, and kept calling him back up 
toward the sky; he finally found the strength and 
speed to make it to the next tree, and the next.
Hours later, I saw him make his way across the street, and see 
the world from atop a post for the very first time.  King of the world.


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