Jun 16, 2010

The 'After' Pictures- Found Objects Made New Again

As promised, after many rained out weekends and family life in between, the pictures of my recycled found objects are ready for your viewing pleasure. You may remember the dilapidated ladder and old wooden benches from Recycling Found Objects Into Garden Masterpieces.  They are now a prominent part of the yard and have a place to call home.

All the pieces I worked with were either left to rot and waiting to be rescued, or taking up space in the shed with no purpose at all.

The vine has already made its way through the rungs of the old ladder.

I love finding new uses for old and discarded stuff.  Not only is it inexpensive, it's environmentally conscious.  For example, instead of buying new garden furniture that uses natural resources and requires manufacturing, a simple splash of water-based paint made my benches look like new.  

Ditto for the clay pots.

I'm pleased with the outcome.  The colours I chose make the pieces stand out just enough, while also blending in with the greens of the yard's foliage and the vibrant blue skies of summer.  I also seem to have a theme started.  I've collected a few pieces of cookware and other kitchen objects.  

So far I've collected coloured glass bottles, old cast iron pots, and tea cups that are useful for scooping dirt into pots.  I also have kettles, a spoon, and a saucer.  When the kettles aren't potted with flowers, I use them as watering cans.  The spoon is a garden accent but also comes in handy to pull out nearby weeds.  And the saucer?  Well, the chickadees just love hanging out at the saucer. 
It's only a matter of time until I catch them in action :)


Anonymous said...

You have beeen busy Debbie, I like

Debbie Parent said...

Thank you :)

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