May 26, 2010

Garden's Got The Blues

It amazes me to watch the garden grow.  I am bewildered each year around this time to see the speed at which plants and flowers explode into bright, bushy and luscious life.  Everything seems to be in a hurry to be as it should- green and blooming and alive.  One minute, plants and tree buds are but a green spot on a brown landscape and the next, they are here, and how!

May 18, 2010

Recycling Found Objects Into Garden Masterpieces-"Before" Photos

This past weekend's weather was glorious.  We were finally able to tackle a few garden projects.  It's been a very long winter, a cold, wet spring, and when the weather man said we were heading into sunshine, I was ready.  While my hubby was busy getting a few early vegetables planted (onions and peas), I pulled out some colourful paint to jazz up the yard.  I've been collecting old windows for many years, and some are hanging on my walls in the house.  However, I have two that I've been safekeeping for a special place in the backyard.  I figured the plain old terra cotta pots could also use a lift.  My stepdaughter volunteered to help.  In her usual creative manner, she taped up a few of the pots, to create a 'striped' effect.  This is the blue combo drying.

May 9, 2010

So It Snowed...Big Deal

It's May, and for all intents and purposes, we should be getting quiet Spring showers and maybe the odd storm.  But this weekend, we got snowed on like it was Christmas.  Tulips are blooming, birds are nesting, trees are flowering.  Now, some of our tree blooms and plants have frozen, and stems and branches have broken because of the weight of the wet snow.

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