May 18, 2010

Recycling Found Objects Into Garden Masterpieces-"Before" Photos

This past weekend's weather was glorious.  We were finally able to tackle a few garden projects.  It's been a very long winter, a cold, wet spring, and when the weather man said we were heading into sunshine, I was ready.  While my hubby was busy getting a few early vegetables planted (onions and peas), I pulled out some colourful paint to jazz up the yard.  I've been collecting old windows for many years, and some are hanging on my walls in the house.  However, I have two that I've been safekeeping for a special place in the backyard.  I figured the plain old terra cotta pots could also use a lift.  My stepdaughter volunteered to help.  In her usual creative manner, she taped up a few of the pots, to create a 'striped' effect.  This is the blue combo drying.

We've also collected a few old benches and a tiny school desk, and these got the makeover too.  My plan is to use an aqua blue on some of the items, and a bright green on others.  I got most of the blue accents painted this weekend, and hope to get the green done soon.

Finally, another item we decided to recycle is an old wooden ladder.  The rungs are rotting, but the metal brackets are still attached and I think it's beautiful.  It was left here by the previous owners of our home.  We happended to find it on the side of the house that is the least frequented, hiding amidst tall grass and weeds.  It has two sections, and although we haven't figured out what to do with the base, we decided to attach the top piece to the clothesline post where the Virginia creeper returns year after year.  Soon we'll only see parts of it peeking throught the gorgeous vine.

I can't wait to get everything finished and to fill the pots with colourful annuals.  A garden in full bloom and green with luscious foliage (and a few bright accents) is nothing short of spectacular.  I'm sure if you look around your garage, junk pile, or yard sales, you can come up with some great ideas too.

I hope you'll stay tuned for the 'After' pictures!


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