May 26, 2010

Garden's Got The Blues

It amazes me to watch the garden grow.  I am bewildered each year around this time to see the speed at which plants and flowers explode into bright, bushy and luscious life.  Everything seems to be in a hurry to be as it should- green and blooming and alive.  One minute, plants and tree buds are but a green spot on a brown landscape and the next, they are here, and how!

Within a week's time I'm sure flowers and shrubs grew several inches and beyond.  When I awoke on Saturday and stepped out to the yard, all I could see were hues of blue.  Blue above, blue below, blue along the walls and in the shady spaces between shrubs.  I don't know how long I was out there, but I think time stood still.  And if it didn't, the memory of that day lingers with me and these images are but a fraction of what I saw.  Blue is beautiful.


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