Sep 28, 2010

(Chicka) Dee And Friends :)

For my Facebook friends, this album won't be anything new.  I posted it on my profile a few weeks ago.  Ever since the grackles took over the larger feeders in the backyard, we decided to move one closer to the house and hang it by the porch.  This helps us control the bird traffic and gives our smaller friends a chance at the snacks.  Although many a redwing blackbird helps himself when I'm not around, they are still timid to forfeit the feeder when show up. 

Finches and chickadees seem to get along just fine this time of year.  I wonder it they know that the cold season is upon us and that they need all the food they can get.

This finch feeder hangs from the clothesline and was also brought in nearer to the back porch to deter the redwings from making huge holes in it. 

We've had a little sparrow with no tail living in our yard all summer.  I love watching him zip around like he's the biggest and fastest of the gang.  It doesn't appear to slow him down in the least!

This one speaks for itself, and adds to the explanation of why I like to have a feeder near the house for the little birds...


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