Aug 26, 2010

Veggie Patch In Urbania

Thanks to my hubby's green thumb, our garden has produced a delicious variety of veggies this summer. Every year, we find that some things work better than others, only to be surprised the following gardening season with a twist to that theory.

In our northern climate, the conditions are ever changing, so we've stopped speculating about which vegetables to count on and simply grow things for the sheer pleasure and element of surprise. Here's a peek at what we've gotten so far:

foliage of the yet-to-be brussel sprouts

banana pepper

chili pepper

ornamental peppers (these were for fun, they're not edible, at least I don't think so)

soon-to-be batch of spaghetti sauce

tomatoes the size of a small pumpkin :)

swiss chard

hanging cukes

climbing the oak tree

sun kissed lettuce


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