Apr 19, 2010

A Mother's Day Surprise

I have recently returned to creating greeting cards for Greeting Card Universe.  I've been busy with a website and other artistic projects , so it was difficult to find the time to create cards.  However, I had quite a large collection of flower pictures taken over the last two years, so I got busy narrowing down a few good picks for cards. 

Within a week of creating and posting Mother's Day greeting cards, I sold one.  I was so delighted, I had to share the news with everyone.  I've had a few blank cards posted for almost a year, and they have not moved this quickly.  That's why I was so excited to have these last submissions approved so quickly by the reviewers. The purple coneflower macro photo was taken on a very sunny day at the end of Summer last year. The garden was winding down, and a few of the blooms were still a vibrant pink.

This particular coneflower plant has been the focus of several beautiful images that are featured on my galleries of prints and on greeting cards. I find the echinacea flower to be one of the most beautiful and is one of my favourites. Even at the end of Summer when the petals are rusty and wilting, the stocks remain sentinel for months with large seedheads that the goldfinches love to feed on.

It's a small accomplishment like selling a greeting card that keeps me motivated and inspired to continue creating art and doing photography. I am truly blessed to be doing what I love, and I'm ecstatic when others appreciate my work. That is the most gratifying part of my artful life.


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