May 3, 2011

My Favourite Things: Trees

Nature is truly breathtaking.  If I had to choose a favourite thing that I love most in nature, it would be tough to pick just one.  Everything moves me and makes time stand still.  Since I have many favourites,  I begin a journal of favourite things, with trees.

I love trees that make flowers,

And trees that make homes.

Trees with red leaves,

And trees with buds soft as kittens.

I love pieces of trees found floating or beached.

I even love trees that aren't really trees, but are taller than me.

But I think most of all, I love old trees.  The ones that leaves 
have long forgotten.  
With gnarly, knotted limbs, tall and stark, majestic.

Even though life is leaving them, they do not leave us.  
They change form but stay long after they've had their last breath, 
sentinels of the forest and the wildlife within.


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