Nov 12, 2010

Through The Viewfinder-A New Twist On Vintage Photography

A few months ago, I decided to buy a vintage 1950's camera.  I had heard that some photography enthusiasts were using these old classics to give photographs a vintage feel.  This technique is known as Ttv, which stands for 'through the viewfinder'.  I found an Argus Argoflex Super Seventy-Five to try it out.  

How does Ttv work?  The technique involves taking a picture with your DSLR camera through the viewfinder of the old one.  It takes a little getting used to at first because of the position of the camera.  These are the type you look down into, so you're DSLR is pointing toward the floor, into the top of the old camera while you're shooting.  

What’s also really cool are the effects the process produces.  Not only are the photos square with rounded dark edges, the lenses are usually very dirty and scratched so you get a real nice vintage look to the digital image.  

Here’s a photo of a grouping of glass bottles taken with my DSLR alone...

…and here’s one through the viewfinder of my Argus

I'm really pleased with the results.   As much as I love digital artistic effects, using vintage equipment gives the images an aged, authentic appearance.  I plan to create an entire collection of Ttv photography for vintage art lovers.  

A few more pics that I took using Ttv:


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