Aug 23, 2010

Photography Tip For The Weekend

One of my favourite settings on the camera is the action or 'sport' mode. It's also called 'pets and kids' on some compact cameras and usually looks like a stick figure getting ready to move.


Simple. Typically used for fast moving subjects, it adjusts the shutter speed so that you get a crisp image in spite of the movement of the subjects or the camera. It's the preferred setting for sporting events, kids' birthday parties, and bird watching. What makes it so great is that the camera shoots pictures continuously while the shutter button is pressed. Or, it will take a series of pictures (often up to five-this varies depending on the type of camera).

I like it because there's less of a chance of goofing up a good shot, regardless of what I'm capturing. For example, if it's a particularly windy day, many of my floral photos will be blurry blobs if I don't use it. And even if I'm doing group portraits, I often opt for this setting just to account for the unexpected motions by the subjects in the shot. It's also excellent for taking photos of your pets.

It's a great setting, and I often leave my camera set to it. This way, if a bird or chipmunk decides to drop by, my chances of getting a nice photo are higher. I just hold the shutter down and let them do their thing.

So, if you're stepping outdoors or going to an event this weekend and hoping to capture the sights, why not set your camera to 'sport' and try it out?


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