Jul 29, 2010

On To New Adventures!

I can hardly believe that it's almost August already.  The past year has been such an adventure for me and I'm ready for more.  I don't think many people have the same definition of adventure as I do, but that's fine.

I've had the opportunity in the last year to build a few websites and blogs and start planning for what I've been dreaming of for quite some time:  working at home doing what I love.

This for me, has been the adventure of a lifetime, with ups and downs and fears and bliss, and everything in between.

This dream is not without its share of sacrifices, that's for sure.  Trading job security for self-employed bliss is scary at the best of times.  It takes time to create a home-based business and this can be difficult to deal with.  Sometimes it's painful to put my family through this but their support keeps me going. In the process, we are learning to make due with alot less while I continue to plug away and build my home biz career, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Sometimes, I want to pack it all in, go back to mindless, unfullfilling work out in the world.  These momentary lapses never last though, because I am truly living on purpose now, vertigo and all.  My most productive days are four to five hours long, at best, because of the dizzy spells that come and go without warning.  This does play havoc on my resolve some days, but acceptance is the only way through.  When the dizziness hits, I simply retreat to a quiet place for a while until it is more bearable, and safe to return to daily life.  That is my life, and I try to embrace it just the way it is.

In my journey to work at home, I've learned oodles and oodles of things about how to start and run a profitable home business using online tools.  I know that the 'teacher' in me still has lots to give, and so the next adventure in my home biz path is to help other women start an art home biz for themselves.  Gone are the days of just having a table of your art at a craft sale.  The internet can open up opportunities for crafters, artisans and artists that weren't available before.  And so, Artsy Biz Chick was born. If you're an artsy chick and you're slightly curious, I invite you to take a peak at the website (it's still under construction) and sign up for the free art biz tips.

So, I didn't scale mountains, go sky diving or travel to far away places, but my adventures in the last year have made me ever more grateful for the life I live, the people I love, and the choices I've made. May you have your own memorable adventures too!


Jean said...

I would love to have my own home business but don't know yet what it would be.:)
Your blog is just my "cup of tea" and the photos are outstanding!
I shall return. Thanks for following my blog.
Wishing you success!

Debb said...

Thanks Jean!

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