Mar 18, 2010

A Mystical Journey

The first time I took my shiny new digital camera into the backyard, I knew I was on to something big.  I took a few test shots, playing around with the settings, and learned quickly that this adventure was going to be magical.  It was my first real camera, and I had no idea I would come to love photography so much. 

I became a sponge, taking in the sights in my garden like an elixir, through the lens of the camera.  Little did I know that taking snapshots of flowers would be a healing journey beyond my wildest imagination.

I quickly progressed to a professional DSLR camera, eager to capture the world of bugs and blooms right outside my door.  Summer days stood still, as hours upon hours of daylight became portals into a mystical place where time is of no import.

This blog is a journey into each and every corner of the small, yet vast universe beyond the back steps of my humble home.  I see it with new eyes every time the sunlight peeks through the trees, the morning dew kisses the grass, and the breeze joins the daisies in a graceful dance.  This is also a journey into my soul, one of healing and insight beyond camera and lens.

Welcome to my world, my garden and my heart...


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